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Breaking barriers: Striving for equal opportunities for women in tech

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Welcome to the interview series with successful women in the tech industry conducted by Chayapa Nakasiri, the Founder of SCMAD Project. Khun Riam Visuthanukul – Country HR Manager, IBM Thailand Company Limited - shared interesting insights on equal opportunities for women in tech.

Chayapa: "Based on your experience, how do you see female participation in Tech Industry has evolved over the last few years?"

Riam: "The underrepresentation of women in technology has been recognized for years and initiatives have been injected to improve the situation year by year, starting from the female quota to tech schools and Diversity & Inclusiveness program in companies. We are witnessing an increasing number of high-profile women tech leaders playing significant roles in inspiring other women to pursue careers in technology. Furthermore, the education program has integrated STEM education as a standard curriculum and technical training opportunities for women. As a result of familiarity and open opportunity, we have observed a rise significantly in the enrollment of female students in tech-related classes over past years."

Chayapa: "In your view, what are the three biggest barriers currently faced by women in Tech?"

Riam: "The three most significant barriers in the tech industry are firstly a lack of female leaders as a role model, secondly an old belief that female had less rational, and thirdly a challenge in work-life balance. The absence of female leaders can restrict the influence of women in shaping company policies and cultures that support gender diversity. The tech industry's demanding work culture can be particularly challenging for women who shoulder most family caregiving responsibilities. Balancing a high-pressure job with family and personal life may lead to roles that offer more flexible work arrangements."

Chayapa: " What are the top things the leaders both in public and private organizations can do to support women in Tech?"

Riam: "1. To incorporate into the corporate agenda and consistently promote Diversity and Inclusiveness program. IBM is one of the companies doing so. 2. To educate and promote opportunities that can attract women to tech jobs. 3. To establish a well-defined path and roadmap for aspiring leaders by identifying potential candidates and providing coaching to help them achieve their desired outcomes." Chayapa: "Do you have any other suggestions?"

Riam: "I would like to emphasize the importance of the above-mentioned points as this investment sends a strong message that the organization has confidence in high-potential women for critical management roles. Both public and private organizations should actively and constantly promote initiatives to encourage and support women in the tech industry with equality to men. Importantly, those initiatives shall be organized and promoted by a group of mixed male and female volunteers so to perceive wrongly."

Chayapa: "Thank you Khun Riam Visuthanukul for your time and leadership in D&I. Under your capacity, you and your organization, IBM, will definitely offer forefront leadership on this very issue in the years to come."


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