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Words of Appreciation from BMA Deputy Governor

Miss Tavida Kamolvej, Deputy Governor of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, has kindly extended words of appreciation for SCMAD Project.

"Chayapa Nakasiri uses her free time from studying to teach Introduction to Python at schools in Bangkok and has initiated the Small Change Makes A Difference project to raise funds to provide computers and opportunities for students who aspire to work in the computer field. In addition, BMA has a project to develop digital classrooms for learning and aims to provide 130,000 computers to schools within 4 years. In 2023, the pilot project targets to provide 4,000 computers to 11 schools in Bangkok, in addition to setting up a computer room and promoting Google Classroom. Therefore, this source of cooperation and help defines "sharing" that not only focuses on donating but also gives "time and knowledge" to the next generation, granting them the opportunity to follow their dreams.

I personally appreciate this concept of "Pay It Forward" to create sustainability.


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